Spotlight on Suzanne: April's Dedicated Volunteer of the

Spotlight on Suzanne: April's Dedicated Volunteer of the Month

Suzanne Buhr headshot

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund is grateful for volunteers like Suzanne Buhr, Volunteer of the Month for April 2024.

“Suzanne is always willing to help with anything that is asked of her and steps up to help with all of our different volunteer opportunities,” ASPSF Program Manager Kim Paul-Williams said. “I am very thankful she is on our Boone County Team!”

This all-star volunteer reviews applications, interviews students, and assists with fundraisers. Her favorite volunteer activity is organizing the scholarship ceremonies each semester.

Group volunteer photo with Suzanne Buhr

Suzanne Buhr (fourth from right) has become friends with other ASPSF volunteers.

“The check presentation ceremonies are so awesome,” Suzanne said. “It is great to see the students with their families, especially their children.  They are setting such a great example for their children.  Hard work and perseverance are important.”

The purchasing technician at North Arkansas College, Suzanne became an ASPSF volunteer four years ago. Her colleague Rebecca Martin at the school’s Career Pathways initiative invited her to join. It was perfect timing because after Suzanne’s three sons became Eagle Scouts, she was looking for a new way to give back to the community.

Suzanne Buhr's family

Suzanne’s three sons are Eagle Scouts, and her husband sometimes volunteers with her!

 “It’s a great fit for me because my mother was a single parent,” Suzanne said. “She is so smart. I often think about what she could have done if there would have been someone to help her go to college.”

Suzanne herself is working on her bachelor’s, and it has given her a new perspective of the struggles ASPSF recipients are going through.

“I can see how hard it would be to not have a partner to help support you and help with the kids,” she said. “I think following your dreams is very important. I try to teach that to my kids.”

Thank you, Suzanne, for your many hours of service! Your commitment truly makes a difference in the lives of single parent students, empowering them to pursue their educational dreams and build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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