Opening Doors to Brighter Futures: ASPSF 2023 Annual

Opening Doors to Brighter Futures: ASPSF 2023 Annual Report

Opening Doors weaves through everything we do at ASPSF. As you’ll see in this report, our successful scholarship program is opening doors to higher education, financial literacy, and higher incomes. Just as important, we’re helping individual recipients open very personal doors to greater confidence, elevated self-esteem, and a sense of dignity and self-worth that can so easily be stripped away by a life in poverty. 

While single parents fill the demanding roles of student, parent, breadwinner, homework helper, and more, Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund stands with each one. We help financially through nontraditional scholarships. We help students prepare for professional employment through job skills and many other trainings. And we constantly listen, encourage, support, and connect students with needs as different and unique as each individual we serve.  

As you read this summation of activities from 2023, we hope you’ll remember that it’s your continued financial support and partnership that has allowed us to serve Arkansas single parent families — in 2023 and for the past 34 years!  

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Our 2024 Impact Numbers

Impact Numbers

Opening Doors to Financial Literacy

Mom and daughter stand in front a new car

Thanks to credit repair workshops, scholars have reduced debt, increased credit scores, and purchased cars and homes. Here’s ASPSF alum Kaitlyn with her new car! 

Opening Doors to Profitable Careers

Mom stands with her three kids who are holding signs that say "mommy did it!"

After graduating in December, Victoria secured a nursing job in internal medicine, increasing the family income by $26,000 annually. 

Opening Doors for the Next Generation

Mom stands with her two kids outside an elementary school

Seeing his mom study to become an EMT, Coalson wants to be a doctor! Only 6, he’s got a few more years to go, but his mom, Destin, is laying the steppingstone for his dreams.


Our 2023 Financials



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