North Carolina Scholarships

North Carolina Scholarships

I already mentioned that North Carolina is home to more than a few great schools that fall into a wide range of categories, but let’s dive into the details! 

The most well-known higher education system in North Carolina is the UNC system. The UNC system comprises 16 public four-year colleges and universities across the state, and has a total of over 225,000 students enrolled among them. In-state students attending one of North Carolina’s public four-year schools can expect to pay around $7,000 per year in tuition.

Conversely, North Carolina is also home to nearly 50 private four-year institutions, such as Greensboro College, Elon University, and Davidson College. The average annual in-state tuition at North Carolina’s four-year private schools is approximately $25,000. 

In addition to these public and private four-year universities, North Carolina is also home to several dozen public two-year schools such as Wake Technical Community College and Coastal Carolina Community College, which have an average in-state tuition of around $2,500 per year.  

Regardless of which type of school you’re looking at, the bottom line is that college can be expensive! Keep reading to learn about some great North Carolina scholarships to help you offset your costs. 

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