ASPSF recipient ?blazing a new trail? for kids, grandkids,
says Program Manager

ASPSF recipient ?blazing a new trail? for kids, grandkids, says Program Manager

ASPSF Receipient Juscenta Parker stands with ASPSF Program manager Keisha Smith at an awards ceremony

In just a few weeks, Juscenta Parker’s years of hard work and sacrifice will pay off.

This single mom and grandma graduates in May with her bachelor’s in business administration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Already working full-time at a bank, she’s excited “to move up the corporate ladder,” as an accountant.

“I chose my major because I have been in the banking industry for over 20 years, and I wanted to pursue furthering my career in the accounting and finance department,” Juscenta said. “For so long I wanted a degree — I wanted my children to see that I could achieve a long-term goal — but didn’t know how I would overcome the financial hurdle.”

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund offered a way. Juscenta used her scholarship checks to pay for school supplies, bills, and food to keep her family afloat. ASPSF Program Manager Keisha Smith also provided a listening ear, encouragement, and additional resources during the hard times.

“From my experiences, as a single mother of three, supporting children alone can be very challenging,” said Juscenta. “I am truly blessed to have had Keisha and the ASPSF donors as a great support system in my life.”

Juscenta stands with her teenage daughter

Along her educational journey, Juscenta has inspired her two adult sons and 16-year-old daughter to plan for professional careers.

“My oldest son wants to go to CDL school to drive trucks,” Juscenta said. “My middle child started his first year in college, and my daughter has been making plans to go to nursing school. She also has hopes to join the Air Force.”

She said it’s important that her children see her succeed, but it’s even more important that her six grandchildren see their grandmother succeed.

“Juscenta is truly blazing a new trail for her family,” Keisha said. “Her determination and motivation have allowed her to create a better life. Graduating with a 3.7 GPA, I’m so excited to see Juscenta reach her dreams.”

Juscenta Parker receives her single parent Scholarship

None of this would have been possible without the scholarships and support she received from ASPSF, Juscenta said. 

“Thank you for helping me further my education, pursuing a goal that I didn’t think I would ever accomplish as a single mother,” she said. “Thank you for always being there for my children and me, for listening when I needed someone to talk to, for always being understanding, and for helping me when I needed help with anything.”

Top photo caption: Juscenta Parker (right) accepts her Fall 2022 single parent scholarship from ASPSF Program Manager Keisha Smith.

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