Woman Rescued Sickly Cat Feared It Was Too

Woman Rescued Sickly Cat Feared It Was Too Late  

In Las Vegas, a kind woman named Malia found a small, blind, and very sick cat named Mabel. Mabel was 12 years old and hadn’t been taken care of properly. She had many health problems and needed a lot of help.

Despite Mabel’s poor health, Malia decided to take her home, hoping to give her a better life. On their first night together, Malia was careful not to stress Mabel too much, opting for a gentle cleaning with wet wipes instead of a full bath. “I just gave her a bath with wet wipes and she just melted. I think it was the first time in probably a long time that she felt like she was genuinely cared for,” Malia recalls. This simple act marked the beginning of Mabel’s new journey.

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Knowing the road ahead would be tough, Malia focused on building trust and ensuring Mabel felt safe. She made a point to spend a lot of time with Mabel, sitting quietly in her room, sometimes reading a book or even eating her dinner there because Mabel was nervous about eating alone. Malia explains, “I would bring my dinner into her room and we would eat together because she was really nervous to eat by herself, so I just was like okay we’ll eat dinner together every night.”

As days turned into weeks, Mabel slowly began to improve. The cat that was once considered a hospice case was now showing signs of recovery. Malia’s dedication and the safe environment she provided helped Mabel regain her strength and spirit. Now, three years later, Mabel is healthier and living a full life in San Francisco. She and Malia go on many adventures together, exploring new smells at Fisherman’s Wharf, visiting beaches, and strolling through parks.

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Malia is careful to respect Mabel’s needs and preferences, practicing consent-based care. “I’m very big on consent-based practices; everything with her is based on communication. I ask her if she wants to put a harness on, and I hold it up to her, and if she engages with it and acts like she would like to put it on, then don’t put it on,” Malia shares. This approach allows Mabel to feel in control and secure, even in her blindness.

Mabel’s ability to adapt and navigate her environment impresses Malia every day. “She’s really good about memorizing spaces,” says Malia. When Mabel feels lost or needs help, she doesn’t hesitate to call out to Malia, demonstrating their deep bond and trust.

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