Woman In Tears When Puppy She Put Down Was Up For

Woman In Tears When Puppy She Put Down Was Up For Adoption

In Montgomery County, a woman faced the agonizing decision to euthanize her puppy, Buster, who was previously named Amos by the rescue organization, after vets diagnosed him with a neurological issue. Kristie Pereira, Buster’s owner, recounted how she fell deeply in love with the pup during the few months she had him. However, after noticing his peculiar behaviors, she consulted multiple veterinarians who suggested euthanasia might be necessary due to the costly and potentially painful tests required for a prognosis that might not guarantee his recovery.


After six weeks of heart-wrenching deliberation, and armed with a veterinarian’s letter suggesting that euthanasia be considered due to Buster’s deteriorating condition, Pereira took him to the Montgomery County Animal Services. Unbeknownst to her, the form she signed included a clause allowing the facility to evaluate and possibly rehome the animal if deemed treatable and adoptable. Pereira, however, had no idea that this would ever happen considering what multiple vets told her. Because owners were not permitted to accompany their pets during euthanasia, a policy of which Pereira was unaware, she didn’t see him put down.


The facility assessed Buster and found him to be a candidate for adoption, subsequently contacting the organization from which he was originally adopted, Lost Dog in Northern Virginia, as per their standard protocol with reputable partners. Meanwhile, Pereira spent a year grieving for Buster, believing he had been euthanized.

Last weekend, to her astonishment and emotional turmoil, Pereira spotted Buster up for adoption online. “It’s really tough, to being confused. Like, is that him, to being excited in one sense, like, oh my God,” she expressed to Fox 5 Washington DC, overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions from grief to joy upon discovering her “little baby” was alive and well.


Amidst her mixed feelings of elation and frustration due to a lack of communication from the adoption agency, Pereira found herself in a challenging situation. The organization clarified to FOX 5 that their policy does not typically allow for animals surrendered to animal services to be returned to the original owners. They also mentioned that Buster, now referred to again as Amos, had undergone multiple surgeries for a liver condition and was now healthy enough to be placed for adoption again.

This unfolding story highlights the complexities and emotional weight of pet ownership and animal welfare policies, as Pereira navigates her unexpected chance to potentially reunite with Buster. Do you think Pereira is at fault for not reading the ‘fine print’ or animal services is to blame? Please tell us what you think in our comment section.

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