Woman Discovers Her Rescued ‘Dog’ is Actually Not a

Woman Discovers Her Rescued ‘Dog’ is Actually Not a Dog

Sharon Bertozzi, a resident of California, was taken by surprise one day when she found an unfamiliar animal hiding behind a ceramic vase on her doorstep. The poor creature was in such bad shape—emaciated and sick—that it was difficult to identify. However, its canine-like features made Sharon think it was a dog. Realizing she needed help to care for the animal, Sharon reached out to the City of Folsom Animal Services.

Sharon couldn’t handle the situation alone, so she contacted the City of Folsom Animal Services for assistance with the mysterious creature she had found. The unknown animal had been huddled in the same spot for four hours before the animal services officers arrived. They gently coaxed the frail creature into their truck and transported it to their facility. Soon, they would discover a surprising twist about the animal’s true identity. The staff at the animal service were in for a shock when they took a closer look at the creature.

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“At first this was thought to be an old very sick dog,” the department shared on Facebook. “Upon taking a better look, it is really a young coyote with a really bad case of mange. This one was taken because she was right by a front door to a house and was not wanting to leave.”

Despite the revelation that the creature was a coyote, the team remained committed to helping her. The young coyote was affectionately named Princess by her rescuers. The City of Folsom Animal Services provided initial care for Princess, discovering she was suffering from a skin disease caused by mites, which led to severe hair loss and skin irritation. They also provided much-needed hydration, as Princess was severely dehydrated. Many people were eager to help Princess on her road to recovery.

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Princess was then transferred to the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue (GCWR), a non-profit organization in Loomis, California, that specializes in wildlife care. Upon her arrival, GCWR immediately began treating Princess’s skin disease and bathed her to remove dead skin. They were delighted to see her consume all the food and drink they provided overnight. Princess’s recovery was progressing steadily, much to the delight of everyone involved.

GCWR planned to keep Princess in their shelter for several months to monitor her progress and provide the best possible care. She also enjoyed spending time with two other coyotes in the shelter, which was beneficial for her health and social development.

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“She is now back on a natural diet, gaining weight and showing improvement in her skin,” Sallysue Stein, president of GCWR’s board of directors, told The Dodo. “We feel confident that she is on the road to a full recovery.”

Princess, along with a few other coyotes, was eventually ready to return to the wild. They managed to recover from their illnesses and regain their strength. Believing they were now in a better condition, GCWR fulfilled their promise by releasing them back into the wild.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Sharon, the City of Folsom Animal Services, and GCWR, Princess’s rescue and recovery were made possible.

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