Woman Bursts Into Crowd And Grabs One Puppy But Can’t Locate
The Others

Woman Bursts Into Crowd And Grabs One Puppy But Can’t Locate The Others

Rose pulled into the Walmart parking lot when she saw a huge commotion in front of the store. Through the crowd, she saw three puppies. She wasn’t sure what was going on but acted swiftly and took one puppy. She ran out of there as quickly as possible to ensure the puppy remained safe with her. But as they drove away, Rose couldn’t get the other two puppies off her mind. She was so worried, but for now, she had to focus on the one she had in her arms– a brown little puppy she named Sophie.


Rose brought Sophie home and introduced her to the clan. Sophie was tiny and a bit timid, but she would soon adjust. But, again, the woman couldn’t give up on the other two puppies. They were Sophie’s siblings, and she had to make sure they were okay. She called every shelter and rescue group she could think of and couldn’t find them. Then, finally, a shelter on the outskirts of town claimed to have the other two ‘Walmart Puppies.’


Rose hastily drove over, and the staff told her she could adopt them. The woman didn’t hesitate. She took custody, planning on eventually finding them forever homes once they were ready. She drove back with Sophie’s siblings, excited to reunite them. Once home, the woman let Sophie out of her crate and the little pup could smell her siblings! She ran straight to them!


Rose’s sister fell in love with all three puppies. She had been diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder, which limited her to a wheelchair. The puppies would climb up to give her love. One pup, Anna, was more laid-back than the rest. Their bond was instant, and Anna even loved to ride in her Aunt’s wheelchair. The woman knew the pups were meant to be with her sister, who lived 45 minutes away. She could visit them frequently.

The entire rescue, reunion, and rehoming story is truly heartwarming. We are so grateful for this kind woman and her doggy-loving heart. To see it all unfold, click ‘play’ on the video below.

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