When Mom’s Having A Bad Day, Rescue Dog Holds Her Hand And
Licks Her Tears

When Mom’s Having A Bad Day, Rescue Dog Holds Her Hand And Licks Her Tears

Shanti’s owner fell severely ill and could no longer care for her. Her owner’s mother took her in, but soon found a person in Mexico who rescued dogs and transported them to the U.S. Shanti was then brought to a rescue in Washington state. The foster family explained that when they found her, she was secluded at the back of the rescue facility, having been there for several months with little interest shown by potential adopters. This situation saddened her future parents deeply; they felt compelled to intervene, refusing to let her continue being overlooked.


Upon adopting her, Shanti’s mom and dad realized she had already had a litter despite likely being less than a year old. They found it disheartening that she was used merely as a source of income. They were determined to improve her life. She was incredibly energetic and eager to run and play. Initially, she was very thin, but they quickly managed to get her to a healthy weight. Now, she is thoroughly spoiled and cherished as the youngest member of the family.


She’s extremely attached to her family. For instance, when her dad was leaving the house, she jumped up into the sink to watch him through the window, showcasing her deep bond and concern for where he was going. Her mom even built a beach house specifically to rescue more dogs upon her retirement, although local regulations restrict her to only three dogs.

Shanti’s eyes are strikingly beautiful, resembling those of a lion, which mesmerizes everyone. Her main desire is for attention, something she likely lacked before. She relishes the praise and affection she now receives daily. She’s agile and energetic, known for her playful sprints and digging large holes in their special beach yard, which her owners don’t mind at all.

She has a profound soul; her gaze is intense and insightful, and she has a remarkable ability to read emotions. On one occasion, while her mom was upset and crying, she came over, licked her tears, and comforted her with a gentle paw on her shoulder, showing deep empathy.


This endearing dog’s presence is captivating to everyone who visits. She instantly wins over the hearts of all who meet her. There’s something almost human about her, a quality that endears her to all. We are over the moon that this sweet pup is living her dream life. To meet Shanti and her new family, play the video below.

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