Tiny Stray Kitten Chooses Yorkie To Follow Home & He
Encourages Her Every Step

Tiny Stray Kitten Chooses Yorkie To Follow Home & He Encourages Her Every Step

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty. Some pups demonstrate their faithfulness right away, while others develop that bond over time. Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are wonderful companions. They are playful, energetic, and love to be around their humans. Their devotion makes them excellent protectors as well. In this heartwarming story and irresistibly adorable video below, we meet a Yorkshire Terrier who embodies the qualities of a very good boy! He proves his true nature by coming to the aid of a friend in need, showcasing the deep loyalty and protective instincts Yorkies are known for.


While on a walk with his mom on a rainy day, a Yorkie suddenly notices a stranger approaching from behind. The pup isn’t alarmed by this new presence; in fact, he’s quite intrigued. Turning around, he discovers a teeny-tiny kitten following him. It’s clear that the kitten has chosen him for a reason. The fluffy, young Calico kitten is homeless and desperately needs a warm, dry place to stay.


The kitten is so small that she struggles to keep up with the dog. But the Yorkie doesn’t let her suffer. He stops walking, looks back at her, and encourages her to keep up. Slowing his pace to match hers, the duo continues on their way. The pup’s human, amazed by this new friendship, welcomes the kitten as well. It’s time to head home!

With the rain falling, they cross the street to reach the Yorkie’s house. The kitten must jump up a curb to get to the front porch. She struggles once again, but the patient and already loyal dog waits for her. He cheers her on as she uses all her strength to climb up.


Now it’s time to get inside and warm up! But there’s another hurdle: the front porch has a step, and the doorway has a threshold. The kitten has to climb again. The dog watches closely as the little cat successfully navigates these obstacles and enters the house. The heartwarming video below is sure to brighten your day. Don’t you just love dogs?!

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