Tenacious Two Legged Puppy Grows Up To Become A Foster

Tenacious Two Legged Puppy Grows Up To Become A Foster Dad

When Lou received a distressing call about a baby Boxer born without legs in need of a home, she didn’t hesitate. She immediately set out to welcome the special needs puppy into her life. Her husband, Mark, instantly felt a deep connection with the puppy as soon as he held him. They named the little fighter Nubby, and he quickly became an integral part of their family. The first night with Nubby was more challenging than Lou and Mark had anticipated. It was a restless night filled with frequent awakenings to tend to the new arrival. “Our first night with Nubby was horrible. We got up every hour. You know, we took turns. I had twins, I’m used to taking one shift,” Mark recounted to The Dodo.


Nubby’s early days were fraught with health challenges, including a critical stint in the ICU. However, his indomitable spirit prevailed, and he made a miraculous recovery, returning home to the warmth and love of his new family. Determined to enhance Nubby’s mobility and quality of life, Lou and Mark constructed a makeshift LEGO wheelchair, which Nubby adapted to with remarkable enthusiasm. “He just took off scooting across the floor,” Mark joyfully shared. Nubby’s disability never dampened his spirits; he was always bustling about, fully engaging in playful antics and demonstrating that he could enjoy life as much as any other puppy.


Inspired by Nubby’s resilience, Lou and Mark dedicated themselves to strengthening his remaining limbs, turning physical therapy into playful exploration. Over time, Nubby mastered standing on his back legs and even learned to jump. “Nubby figured out that he could launch himself and jump. It’s as if he is not missing anything. He’s just like ‘This is how I do it. This is how I roll.’” Although Nubby was provided with proper wheelchairs, he never quite took to them, preferring his own unique ways of getting around.

However, with encouragement and enjoyable activities post-wheelchair training, Nubby gradually accepted occasional strolls in his wheelchair. As he grew, Nubby blossomed into an exceptionally sweet and joyful dog, surrounded by the love of his human family and several canine siblings.


Among them was a pregnant mama dog that Lou and Mark had rescued. When she gave birth to six puppies, Nubby was ecstatic. He thrived in his role as Uncle Nubby, infusing playtime with endless fun and ensuring the safety of his new siblings.

Nubby’s story is a testament to the fact that being different doesn’t limit one’s quality of life. “It doesn’t matter how many legs he has, where he is at, he is just happy. Just because you have a limb difference, or just because you are different, period, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a quality of life, and he teaches that every single day. He doesn’t give up… He gives hope to a lot of people,” Lou and Mark concluded. With Nubby’s enormous heart and boundless spirit, he continues to inspire and teach us all about resilience and happiness.

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