Stray Met Woman Insistent On Transforming Him Into Gorgeous,
Purebred Boy

Stray Met Woman Insistent On Transforming Him Into Gorgeous, Purebred Boy

The first time the woman saw the dog on the street, he stood alone, his body emaciated and covered in skin disease. His once thick and beautiful fur had almost completely fallen out, leaving behind a patchy and pitiful appearance. Heartbroken and already a caretaker of two dogs, the woman couldn’t bear to see the dog continue to wander and made the decision to rescue him. The dog walked with a pronounced limp, each step a clear struggle, filled with pain. His new human friend tried to coax him forward with food, gently attempting to lower his guard.


It was evident that the dog’s legs had been injured for a long time. As he cautiously approached and took the food, his dual feelings of fear of humans and a deep longing for warmth and care were palpable. The woman then took the dog, she named Duofu, to have his fur shaved, which revealed a frail body underneath, his ribs starkly visible against his thin frame. Who would have guessed that this fragile creature was a 6-7 month old Alaskan Malamute? After Duofu’s first meal, the woman dressed him in clean clothes to keep him warm and protect his exposed skin.


At the local veterinary clinic, the dog was understandably frightened and resisted treatment. Patiently, the woman comforted the dog, stroking his head while reassuring him gently, “Don’t be afraid.” On the third day of adopting Duofu, his new mom took him for a walk. Although nervous at first, Duofu soon relaxed, enticed by the promise of food. That night, she prepared a hearty meal for the dog, who eagerly devoured it.

Duofu’s name means happiness and joy and that is exactly what his new mom wanted for him. A new life filled with fond memories and good times. The family members also took special care of Duofu, trimming his long nails and feeding him nourishing dog food. Duofu had once been a beloved pet, cherished and cared for, and now, after experiencing abandonment and a stray life, he encountered compassion.


Duofu’s condition improved daily. Although he still limped, he became more lively and cheerful. Over time, his skin became smoother, and his original handsome appearance began to reemerge. There was a new light in his eyes; not only was his physical health being restored, but his soul was also being healed by love.

The sweet dog had no major physical problems aside from a lack of calcium. Whenever his rescuer sat down, Duofu would come up and paw at her, his back now covered with fine hair and a smile gracing his face. Seeing him get better day by day filled his rescuer’s heart with joy and relief. ‘Once the soul is filled with love, the flesh and blood flourish.’ The hope is that all stray dogs can find the same fortune as Duofu and be treated with the same gentleness and care.

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