She Begged the Animal Shelter for Another Shot, Then Things
Took a Turn

She Begged the Animal Shelter for Another Shot, Then Things Took a Turn

Dawn, a pit bull rescued under harsh conditions, first came to the Rockdale County Animal Shelter in a poor state. She had been saved earlier that day from a neglected house where she was found tied up to a crate without any food, water, or shelter from the sun. Dawn arrived at the shelter hoping for some comfort, but the shelter was so full that she could only stay for a short period.

Despite the brief time and the cramped space, Dawn quickly grew to love the shelter staff who cared for her. On a critical day, as the staff deliberated her future, Dawn demonstrated her affection in a touching way. “As she was being taken to the back as the only survivor from a state cruelty case, she stopped and hugged the volunteer,” Rosa Fond, the founder of Humans and Animals United, Inc. (HAAU), told The Dodo. “The shelter volunteer fell in love with her.”

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With each passing day, the need to find Dawn a new home became more urgent. She would stand up on her back legs and lean against the door of her kennel, looking out eagerly at anyone who walked by, hoping someone would notice her. “She was begging for her life,” Fond remarked. However, her looks might have led people to think she was aggressive, and no one was stepping forward to adopt her.

In the nick of time, a staff member from the shelter contacted HAAU for help. “They knew that we would be able to give her the life she deserved,” Fond said. With very little time to spare, HAAU worked quickly to find a foster family for Dawn and organize her transport to their home.

The very next day, Dawn was able to relax in her new foster home, taking a much-needed rest. Dawn had been through a lot both physically and emotionally. She had a long journey of healing ahead of her, but her foster parents were ready to help her recover and feel safe again. “When we first rescued her, she was shut down — scared but sweet,” Fond described her initial condition. “The poor girl was in such rough shape.”

Her foster family carefully managed her diet to help her regain strength and spent time cuddling with her as she slept. Slowly, Dawn started to explore her new surroundings, and her bright personality began to shine.

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Dawn’s transformation became evident one day when her foster dad took her to a pet supply store. As she walked down the toy aisle, she was full of joy, sniffing every toy. “She picked her own toys,” Fond recalled, touched by the sight. “It was a heartwarming moment that brought tears to our eyes. The reason why we rescue was shown that day.”

Dawn is still with her foster family today, enjoying her favorite toys and the love of her caregivers. Although HAAU is still looking for a permanent home for her, they are reassured knowing that Dawn is safe and loved in her current place. Her story is a powerful reminder of the difference that kindness and care can make in the lives of animals in need.

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