Sad Dog Keeps Staring at Wall After Being Taken Back to

Sad Dog Keeps Staring at Wall After Being Taken Back to Shelter

Dogs that don’t grow up in safe and loving homes can end up feeling very scared and alone. They might act unfriendly or sad because they’re not used to being around people who care for them. When such dogs find a quiet place, they often try to hide, as they’re not familiar with feeling safe. This is why it’s crucial for the person taking care of these dogs to be very gentle and patient, letting the dog get comfortable at its own speed.

Arthur is a cute young dog, a mix of Cattle Dog breeds, who started his life without a home, wandering as part of an unclaimed group of puppies. He was lucky to be adopted soon after he was brought to a shelter, but his happiness didn’t last long. 

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His new family had to return him to the shelter because they couldn’t take care of him anymore. This return to the shelter really upset Arthur, making him very sad and nervous. He got so sad that he wouldn’t look at or interact with anyone.

Rocky Kanaka, who helps rescue pets, knew just how to handle Arthur’s situation. Since Arthur was staying in a part of the shelter called the sallyport, which is a spot where dogs stay before they move into the main shelter area, it was a good place for Rocky to start getting to know him. Rocky sat far from Arthur at first to make sure Arthur didn’t feel too scared. 

He tried to win Arthur’s trust by offering him treats. Arthur first just sniffed the treats Rocky put in front of him and didn’t eat them. But when Rocky held out a treat in his hand, Arthur finally took it and ate it. Rocky was very happy about this small success.

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Rocky explained how nervous dogs often don’t take treats from someone’s open hand because it can make them feel more scared. But when Arthur took the treat from his hand, it gave Rocky hope that Arthur was starting to trust him. Still, Arthur kept looking away, even after taking the treats.

Rocky felt really sad when he learned that Arthur had been given up by his family, people whom Arthur loved and trusted. In a touching moment, Rocky shared his feelings with Arthur through a YouTube video:

“I think that you are a good boy and you deserve love and I am sorry that your family left you behind because you did not deserve that. You deserve love, and hugs, and treats… Guess what, today starts the first day of your new life. It’s going to be amazing. I know it’s a little scary right now, but if you trust me, we are going to help you find a home and a family that loves you as much as you love them, okay?”

After hearing Rocky’s kind words, Arthur began to come out of his shell, even letting Rocky pet him. With every kind word from Rocky, Arthur seemed to feel a little better.

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With time, it’s hoped that Arthur will completely overcome his fears and find a forever home where he is loved and cared for the way he deserves. Rocky’s patience and understanding are perfect examples of how important it is to approach animals gently and give them time to heal from their past traumas.

Rocky is truly a hero in the world of animal rescue, showing how much difference kindness and patience can make in the lives of animals in need.

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