Rescue Dog Finds New Home with Kind Officer Who Saved

Rescue Dog Finds New Home with Kind Officer Who Saved Her

It’s difficult to fathom that anyone could harm a dog, and it’s heart-wrenching to think about the many dogs that endure abusive environments. Thankfully, there are compassionate individuals ready to intervene and provide these animals with the care they deserve. Such was the case recently when a dog, rescued from an abusive household, found a new home with the very police officer who saved her.

On May 5, deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of animal abuse in Aloha, as stated in a release from the department.

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The report came from a concerned individual who had taken in a female mixed-breed dog named Dice from her abusive owner. Dice exhibited clear signs of mistreatment, including burnt whiskers and multiple wounds on her face, head, and neck.

The caller handed Dice over to the deputies, who promptly took her to a veterinarian for immediate medical attention.

The dog’s owner, 41-year-old Brandon Ash of Beaverton, was arrested on charges of first-degree animal abuse, first-degree animal neglect, and second-degree animal neglect.

While it is distressing to think about the abuse Dice endured, her story took a positive turn when one of the responding officers decided to adopt her.

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