Puppy’s Search For Food Caused Him To Fall Into A Hole In
Desolate Area

Puppy’s Search For Food Caused Him To Fall Into A Hole In Desolate Area

Any person who goes out of their way to help a dog in need is a true hero. They epitomize what it means to be selfless and caring. A rescuer from the group Paw Squadron heard about a tiny puppy who fell into a hole and couldn’t climb out on his own. The man had no idea how long he had been there since the caller mentioned the area was desolate, and few people walked by. Knowing the urgency of the situation, the rescuer acted promptly.


Armed with determination, the man climbed the challenging terrain to the spot where the puppy was last seen. He had to balance himself over the area where the hole was. As he carefully moved through the brush, he saw the puppy down below. The little guy was under two months old. He was likely abandoned nearby and fell into the hole, searching for food and water.


The compassionate man jumped down. He checked the puppy out and his heart broke. When he pinched the puppy’s skin, it was obvious he was severely hydrated. Now, the urgent situation was even more dire! He picked the puppy up and carried him to his vehicle. Inside the trunk was a food bowl and some water. But the puppy refused to eat or drink.


He rushed the puppy to the vet clinic. The doctor assured the rescuer that the puppy was healthy and that he would recover with lots of care. The pup just had to feel safe in order to eat and drink. And the vet was right! To see the harrowing rescue, check out the video below. We are so grateful that the puppy is now safe and on his way to a full recovery.

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