Puppy Picks Kitten To Be His Family And She Adopts Him Right

Puppy Picks Kitten To Be His Family And She Adopts Him Right Back

A wonderful woman, Paula, was fostering a young dog named Ralfie. His loving nature was evident the moment she took him in. His big floppy ears won Paula’s heart instantly. Even though he was a large dog, he had a gentle demeanor. Paula trusted that Ralfie would accept other foster animals, and boy, was she right! Soon after Ralfie settled into Paula’s home, she got a call about a three-week-old kitten who was found in a bush near a church. The teeny kitten was crying from her desperate state. The poor thing needed a safe place to rest her weary head.


Paula, an experienced foster mom, brought the kitten home. She named her Grace. Grace’s condition was dire due to the severe flea infestation. The first order of business for Paula was a thorough cleaning. After the kitten was washed and dried, she settled in for some much-needed sleep. Ralfie curiously watched as the kitten laid on her fluffy bed. He felt an instant protective connection to the furbaby.


Soon, Grace blossomed into a feisty, playful kitten. She also took a liking to Ralfie, who insisted on hanging around to make sure Grace was okay. The dog would even nudge the kitten’s face and then groom her with his tongue. It was obvious he was smitten with this kitten!


Grace’s affection now mutual, played with Ralfie. She loved to swat his wagging tail, nibble on his large body, and attack him when he walked past. Ralfie welcomed her playful antics. After playtime, Grace would often fall asleep on or near her favorite dog. Paula’s heart was warmed by the sight and filmed the two of them together.

Their interspecies love affair continued, and Paula learned a heartwarming lesson. Love can transcend and transform any creature from any background. Check out the video below to meet the adorable doggy and kitten couple.

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