Puppy Decides ‘The Stray Life’ Is Too Difficult And Asks For
A Home

Puppy Decides ‘The Stray Life’ Is Too Difficult And Asks For A Home

A woman spotted a helpless puppy on his own. He was bounding down a building’s steps to greet her. He was fluffy and clean, so the woman figured his mother was nearby or that he had accidentally been separated from his family. The woman put her hand out to pet the pup, and he delightfully wagged his tail. She placed some chicken on the ground, and he eagerly ate every last bite. It was obvious he had not had a meal in a while. The woman’s heart broke for him. She knew she had to help.


An older woman walked by and stopped. She explained to the other woman that she had seen the puppy by himself. The elderly woman believes the dog was recently abandoned. The young woman didn’t hesitate; she wrapped the puppy in her arms and put him inside her car. His life on the streets was officially over!


Once inside the vehicle, the puppy was a bit confused. He didn’t know where he was or what he was doing there. But, soon, the woman won him over and their bond was solidified. She took him to a nearby rescue center, where he was surrounded by friendly, happy dogs who were thrilled to meet him.


The puppy happily ran about, relieved he was no longer on his own. The rescue group is confident that this little fella will find a forever home in no time. Thanks to the kind woman, this dog will find his happily ever after!

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