Paralyzed Dog Left On Tracks Was Forced To Duck Under

Paralyzed Dog Left On Tracks Was Forced To Duck Under Trains

Hearing about dogs who have suffered extreme betrayal by humans is always heartbreaking. How can anyone intentionally harm animals and endanger their lives? Today, we share the story of Lucky, a dog tragically left on the train tracks in Montgomery County, Philadelphia. Lucky was severely injured, with his back legs immobilized, leaving him terrified and vulnerable. For two days, he narrowly escaped passing trains, clinging to life. When concerned citizens noticed him and alerted authorities, police and rescuers quickly came to his aid.


Arriving at the scene and seeing the sadness in Lucky’s eyes was devastating for them. The rescuers were moved to tears as they reached him, lying in desperation on the tracks. They comforted and reassured him that he was safe and would not be left alone ever again! Philly Rescue Angels INC immediately took responsibility for him. Lucky was urgently taken to a clinic for intensive care. He had severe abrasions and broken teeth. The pup was treated right away.


Unfortunately, X-rays revealed a critical spinal cord injury, and the veterinary team suspected he might never walk again, likely struck by a train previously. His rescuers stayed by his side throughout, offering constant affection and support. Initially, Lucky’s outlook was dire. When euthanasia was suggested, Sidara Son, one of the rescuers, was adamant about dismissing the idea, insisting they save his life.

Lucky fought hard to live. He endured a six-hour spinal operation. He won his fight for survival and gradually improved, soon sporting a new outlook on life. Lucky showed immense gratitude towards his rescuers, showering them with kisses. Despite his ordeal, he remained incredibly gentle.


Following their post about Lucky’s plight, the Philly Rescue received numerous offers to foster or adopt him. Given his extensive medical needs, they were selective in finding the perfect foster home. Kimberly Price Astringer, Director and Co-founder of Tiny Paws Rescue, became his medical foster, welcoming him into her home.

Lucky was relieved to be in a loving environment with his foster mother. Son continued to support him, frequently accompanying him and Kimberly to veterinary appointments. Lucky’s remarkable foster family helped him recover. Eventually, he was equipped with a wheelchair, which allowed him to move more easily. He began to smile more and enjoyed playing with his toys.

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However, the traumatic experience on the tracks left him dealing with anxiety, which he worked hard to overcome. Soon, Philly Rescue Angels INC updated everyone: “Lucky is showing great improvement! He is now able to stand & hold his hind legs up some, with minimal assistance & showing some movement in his tail. He still has a long road ahead of him & in the upcoming months he will need continued physical therapy & is also receiving laser therapy.”

Despite his recovery, no one stepped forward to adopt Lucky once he was healthy. But destiny had better plans for him. Son, who had adored Lucky since rescuing him from the tracks, decided to adopt him herself. Lucky was overjoyed to settle into his forever home, unable to stop giving Son kisses. He was warmly welcomed by Son’s pack, showered with love. Lucky finally found his forever home, leaving behind his anxiety and fears, embracing a life full of joy and love.

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