Naco, the Teddy-Looking Shelter Dog, Desperately Seeking a

Naco, the Teddy-Looking Shelter Dog, Desperately Seeking a Home

Imagine a dog waiting day after day, year after year, for someone to take him home. Naco, a lovable dog who looks like a teddy bear, has been living this reality since 2018. Despite his sweet nature and longing for a family, he remains at the shelter, watching other dogs come and go. These words likely echo in Naco’s mind.

Imagine being alone for years, desperate to find your perfect match, and facing rejection time and time again. It’s a heartbreaking feeling, and that’s exactly how Naco has felt since 2018.

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However, there’s a glimmer of hope now. The Animal Defense League of Texas is determined to find Naco his forever home. They are working tirelessly to help him realize his dream of finding a loving owner. Let’s bring Naco one step closer to his greatest wish! It’s been far too long. The fall of 2018, when Naco first arrived at ADL Texas, is a distant memory… much like Naco himself.

Many dogs have passed through the shelter, finding their happy homes, while Naco stayed behind, watching them leave with broken pieces of his heart. But his heart wasn’t just broken emotionally; he was also suffering from heartworm. Being an American Pitbull Terrier-mix with this condition made adoption even more challenging. Naco wasn’t the type of dog people were eager to adopt.

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“Potential adopters have come by to meet Naco, but for unknown reasons, they didn’t end up adopting him,” Felicia Niño, the director of marketing and development, told Newsweek.

It’s baffling why Naco hasn’t been adopted yet. He has one of the sweetest temperaments, full of happiness and joy, just waiting to be shared. All Naco wants are fun, cuddles, and snacks. And no water, please – he’s not a Labrador. He’s a sweet Teddy bear stuck in a grizzly bear body, with all his love ready for you.

In the name of all dog lovers, I urge every potential dog owner to give Naco a chance. Hurry and come for Naco before someone else realizes just how pawfect he is!

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Naco has been looking for his home since September 2018. someone give this good boy a chance ❤️ Thank you, 7 to 7 Dental & Orthodontics for sponsoring our Diamond Dogs #adoptme #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #sanantonio

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