Man Hops Fence to Save Frightened Baby Deer from Being

Man Hops Fence to Save Frightened Baby Deer from Being Alone

When you think about “mother and child” in the animal world, you probably picture a deer. Thanks to movies like Bambi and many nature shows, this image is quite popular. And they are right—mother deer are very protective of their fawns.

In a heartwarming incident, a deer fawn got stuck on the wrong side of a fence, causing fear for both the fawn and its mom. Deer can jump very high, about 7-8 feet with a good running start, but a fawn’s legs aren’t strong or long enough to do that. It seems like the mother deer managed to jump over the fence, thinking the fawn was right behind her. She forgot that her fawn wasn’t big enough to follow her.

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So, the fawn was stuck on one side of the fence, and the mother was on the other. The fence wasn’t going to move, so how would the fawn get out? Luckily, people often find deer cute and want to help them.

A bystander saw the fawn in distress and quickly understood what was wrong. The mother’s worried body language gave it away as she stood on the road, staring through the fence at her baby. The bystander’s wife filmed the whole scene and caught the moment when another person came to help.

After a while, the husband managed to pick up the fawn safely in his arms. The fawn was scared of being held by a stranger and squirmed and bleated the whole time. But the man was only trying to help.

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He carried the fawn to the fence where its mother was waiting. When he set the fawn down, it ran straight to its mom. The woman filming the video remarked, “A happy ending.” It’s not every day you get to play rescuer to a baby deer!

Let’s hope the fawn didn’t get too attached and come back looking for them. That would be quite difficult, wouldn’t it? Have Disney movies not taught us anything?

This pair of deer was white-tailed deer, the most common deer species in America and probably the world. They live comfortably in the woodlands of places like Virginia and Texas. Because there are so many of them, they often encounter humans and wander into residential areas.

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This mother and fawn were among the lucky ones. Many other deer end up getting hit by cars or hunted. At least when this young deer grows up, it won’t have to worry about getting stuck behind fences again. By then, it should be able to jump as high as its mom.

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