Mama Dog On Chain Begs Rescuers ‘Not To Take Away’ Her
Little Puppy

Mama Dog On Chain Begs Rescuers ‘Not To Take Away’ Her Little Puppy

In a neglected and run-down corner of Ukraine, a small mixed-breed dog named Busia struggled to survive in dire conditions. Her home was a desolate yard, filled with broken panels, damaged doors, and piles of discarded fences. Every day was a battle for Busia, living amidst the wreckage and neglect. Her story came to the attention of Love Furry Friends, a compassionate rescue organization dedicated to saving animals in distress. They knew they had to act swiftly to rescue Busia from her harsh and lonely existence.


The rescue mission began when a concerned neighbor, Sergey, informed the team about Busia’s dreadful living conditions. Sergey had been aware of Busia’s suffering for some time and couldn’t bear to see her in such a state any longer. He knew that if anyone could help, it was Love Furry Friends. The team promptly mobilized, driven by their unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

Upon arrival, the rescue team was met with a heart-wrenching sight. Busia’s home was not just a physical mess; it was a testament to the neglect and hardship she had faced. The broken panels and doors, the piles of fences—each element told a story of abandonment. Sergey, understanding the sensitivity of the situation, took the initiative to contact the property owner. He sought permission to enter the premises and rescue Busia. The owner agreed to allow the rescue the following day, giving the team hope that they could finally bring Busia to safety.


When the rescuers returned the next day, they were met with an unexpected discovery. Busia was not alone; she had a tiny puppy by her side. This little one was the sole survivor of a litter of four. Tragically, Busia’s three other puppies had drowned under mysterious circumstances. The sight of Busia with her puppy, whom they later named Buddy, touched the rescuers deeply. Their mission, originally to save one dog, now included her precious puppy.

The team quickly realized the importance of keeping Busia and Buddy together. As one of the rescuers gently picked up Buddy, Busia began to cry. Her cries were filled with fear and desperation, as she thought they were going to take her baby away from her. The rescuers reassured Busia, calming her fears with gentle words and soothing touches. They promised her that they would never separate her from Buddy.


Busia, only two years old, had experienced more hardship than most dogs see in a lifetime. Her eyes, filled with both sorrow and hope, reflected her tough journey. Love Furry Friends was determined to change her story. They took Busia and Buddy to the vet, where both dogs received thorough examinations. Despite the rough start, Buddy was found to be healthy for his age, around 1.5 months old. The veterinarian also decided to spay Busia to prevent future pregnancies, considering her small size and the stress she had already endured.

With their immediate health needs addressed, the next step was to help Busia and Buddy recover from their ordeal. The team bathed and groomed them, washing away the physical remnants of their past. It was a symbolic act, representing a fresh start for both dogs. As the dirt and grime disappeared, Busia and Buddy began to look like different dogs—clean, cared for, and ready to embrace their new lives.

The transformation was remarkable. From a life of neglect, Busia and Buddy now had soft beds to sleep in and regular meals to nourish them. They were taken on walks in the park, where they could explore and enjoy the outdoors without fear. The love and care they received from the rescuers at Love Furry Friends were evident in their growing confidence and happiness.


Busia, once a symbol of despair, now had a second chance at life. Buddy, her precious puppy, would grow up in a loving environment, free from the hardships his mother had faced. The bond between them remained unbroken, a testament to the power of love and compassion. All this was made possible by the dedicated efforts of Love Furry Friends, who refused to give up on a dog in need.

The story of Busia and Buddy is a poignant reminder of the resilience of animals and the difference that kindness can make. From a desolate yard in Ukraine to a life filled with love and care, Busia and Buddy’s journey is a beacon of hope for all animals in need. Thanks to the tireless work of Love Furry Friends, they now have the chance to live the happy and fulfilling lives they deserve.

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