Jet Black Dog Turns Stark White, His Before And After Is

Jet Black Dog Turns Stark White, His Before And After Is Astounding

The loyalty of dogs is unwavering, remaining steadfast until the very end. Even though they grow and change, as time passes, their initial appearance is still recognizable. This journey explores one pup’s story and how he remained the same on the inside, but his exterior morphed into something entirely different. Buster is a prime example of a loyal, loving dog. Combined with a remarkable transformation, he joins the ranks in becoming one of the most interesting dogs we’ve come across. Initially, Buster joined his family as a lively puppy, his shiny, coal-black coat and joyful demeanor quickly winning hearts.

Buster Before

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As time progressed, an unexpected change began. Buster’s glossy black fur started showing signs of white, beginning around his face and slowly spreading across his entire body. Within two and a half years, his dark fur had completely turned into a vibrant milky white. His owner explained on Reddit, “He would lose his black fur and new white fur would come in. So there was a point in time where he was balding in areas until his fresh fluffy white fur grew in.”

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Now, Buster flaunts a flawless, luxuriously fluffy white coat. He remains as handsome as ever, proving that regardless of the color, Buster has the charisma and style to pull off any look effortlessly. The cause behind Buster’s striking transformation is a rare medical condition known as vitiligo. This condition leads to the loss of pigment in patches of skin or fur, turning them white due to the cessation of melanocyte activity, the cells responsible for pigment production.

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Vitiligo, which affects both humans and dogs, typically alters coloration around the nose, mouth, and eyes. It is a cosmetic and genetic condition that causes no pain or discomfort to the affected animal. While it can occur in any dog breed, certain breeds like Rottweilers, Dachshunds, and German Shepherds, are more genetically predisposed to it.

Buster After

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Although vitiligo is generally not a cause for alarm, it is prudent for pet owners who notice such changes in their dog’s coat to consult a veterinarian. This ensures that there are no other underlying health issues to be addressed. While Buster’s appearance has dramatically changed, his transformation is both harmless and striking, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to his already endearing character.

Do you think Buster is as beautiful as he was before? Do you have or know a pet with vitiligo? Please share your thoughts in our comment section. We love hearing from you!

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