Hospice Dog Is So Devoted To Her Family That She Won’t Cross

Hospice Dog Is So Devoted To Her Family That She Won’t Cross Over

A family had recently moved into a new home in a neighborhood still dotted with construction sites. A stray dog, who would later be named Libby (short for Liberty), was lingering around these areas, seemingly abandoned and living temporarily in the unfinished houses, as allowed by the construction workers. “She looked like she had been dumped there,” Libby’s mom told GeoBeats. For weeks, the family attempted to win Libby’s trust, offering her food and water. Despite their efforts, she remained elusive.


Eventually, the husband decided to try a different approach. Taking their two dogs out to meet her, he hoped her sociability would draw her in. “She was so happy to see the other two dogs,” she recounted. “It was as if she was saying, ‘Oh hey, you guys. Alright, I’m ready to go home now. That was a fun game I played with Mom.’ Yeah, that’s you.”

Libby followed them back to their house without the need for a leash, sauntering in as if she had always belonged there. Libby’s mom said to her, “I cannot believe that I just spent weeks trying to catch you, and you wouldn’t even let me near you, and now you’re just wandering into my house.”


The family went through the proper channels to find out if anyone was missing Libby, but no one came forward. She became a permanent part of their lives. Now approximately 15 years old, Libby has accompanied the family on multiple cross-country road trips from the West Coast to Washington, D.C., and back. She has grown to see both herself and her owner as the matriarchs of their expanding pack, which includes two children and other dogs.

“She mothers the kids. She mothers the rest of the pack,” Libby’s mom noted. During family routines like bath time, Libby would stand guard, a vigilant overseer ensuring everyone was safe. “We’re doing this together,” she seemed to express through her protective demeanor.


Despite her age and being in hospice care, with the vets initially giving her just a month to live nearly a year ago, Libby continues to defy expectations. Her family considered aggressive treatments but decided against them due to her age. Instead, they chose to fulfill a bucket list the kids made for her, embracing each moment as a gift.

“Now, it’s been almost a year,” Libby’s mom reflected, her voice filled with emotion. “She’s made it a year.” Even when visiting the vet, Libby insists on the company of her canine siblings, anxious if taken alone. Her enduring spirit is evident, as she strives to participate in everyday activities and ensures the well-being of her family.


“I feel like I cry all the time now with her being sick. You just never know. I hope she knows that she’s always going to be a part of our family, even though she’s not always going to be here,” Libby’s mom concluded, underscoring the deep bond they share.

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