Homeowner Discovers “Couch Potato” Dog On Patio But ‘Wasn’t
A Dog At All’

Homeowner Discovers “Couch Potato” Dog On Patio But ‘Wasn’t A Dog At All’

Coyotes, which are similar to dogs, sometimes show behaviors that make them seem quite domestic. Just like dogs, coyotes might also seek out a comfy spot to take a nap.

Recently, a homeowner discovered a coyote relaxing on her patio furniture, comfortably lying there and not ready to leave his newfound spot. According to Animal Care & Control San Francisco, the homeowner found the “beautiful coyote” sleeping there. Even when she approached, the coyote didn’t want to move.

Worried that the coyote might be hurt or sick, the homeowner called animal control. Officer Mullen came and told the coyote it was “time to get up.” On Twitter, they mentioned that he “encouraged this sleepy coyote couch potato to move along and find a more coyote-appropriate (but less comfy) place to sleep.”

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Officer Mullen wrote on Facebook that the coyote looked at him, stretched, and walked to the edge of the yard. He seemed fine and not injured at all.

The coyote jumped over a wall and disappeared into the brush. Officer Mullen thought that the coyote was a “young healthy male that was probably recently kicked out of his den and was trying to make his way through the city.” He said this time of year is when young males leave their homes to find mates and start their own dens.

He also said that coyotes aren’t usually aggressive but can be if they feel threatened or are protecting their young. He advised people to call animal control if they see a coyote and are worried about it.

This event shows how wildlife can sometimes wander into human spaces, finding odd places to rest.

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