Guy Speaks To Dog In Compound Crying Of Their Plight,
Considers Saving Them All

Guy Speaks To Dog In Compound Crying Of Their Plight, Considers Saving Them All

Bruno Jelovic founded the organization Save the Dogs BiH to rescue dogs from dire conditions in a city shelter in Bosnia. Originally built to house 300 dogs, the shelter alarmingly housed 1,200 two years later, significantly deteriorating the conditions. “The screams are the words for every dog in this shelter,” Bruno expressed when ‘speaking’ to a dog inside the compound. The moment captured the desperation of the animals confined there. His journey into animal rescue began six years prior, a stark contrast to his previous life, where dogs were not a part of his daily concerns. However, adopting a French Bulldog named Mia transformed his outlook and deepened his affection for dogs.


Driven by this newfound passion, Bruno established Save the Dogs BiH. “I started to love dogs,” he said in The Dodo video below, reflecting on how Mia changed his life. His commitment grew, and soon, he envisioned creating a ranch that would offer a permanent refuge for these neglected animals. “My dream was to build a ranch to give these dogs a home in their country forever,” Bruno shared.


This year, they expanded their efforts, constructing a second ranch capable of rescuing and caring for an additional four to five hundred dogs. These facilities ensure the dogs receive love, medical care, food, water, and the freedom to roam outdoors. “They have their pride back,” he noted, proud of the sanctuary they’ve provided where the dogs can recover and thrive.

Bruno sees these dogs as his children, emphasizing that each dog adopted out must go to a loving home. “They are so lovely, so happy, so thankful,” he described the dogs’ transformations once they are rescued. With the new ranch, Save the Dogs BiH continues to rescue those in the worst conditions, often saving dogs from illegal fighting rings.


Bruno’s dedication is a beacon of hope in Bosnia for dogs suffering from neglect and abuse, ensuring more dogs each year find safety and love. “You will see me again,” he promised, committed to the ongoing fight to save and improve the lives of as many dogs as possible.

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