Fox Hilariously Invites Mom Outside To Play In The
‘Funniest’ Way

Fox Hilariously Invites Mom Outside To Play In The ‘Funniest’ Way

In the picturesque state of Minnesota, a dedicated group of five women have embarked on a noble mission to create a sanctuary for exotic foxes. This initiative, known as Save A Fox Rescue, serves as a nonprofit organization committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of captive-born foxes. These foxes, once saved, cannot be released back into the wild due to their unique circumstances. The sanctuary provides a lifetime of care and protection, ensuring these charming creatures live out their lives in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Save A Fox Rescue undertakes the noble task of saving foxes from various distressing situations. The sanctuary opens its doors to foxes that are sick, injured, or orphaned, particularly those rescued from the horrors of fur farms. Many of these young foxes have been rejected by their mothers, necessitating bottle-feeding to ensure their survival. The dedication of the staff is evident in their tireless efforts to nurture these vulnerable animals back to health.

The sanctuary is more than just a refuge; it is a place of healing and recovery. The staff at Save A Fox Rescue are adept at identifying and treating common illnesses that could pose a threat to the foxes’ well-being. Conditions such as respiratory infections and coccidia are promptly addressed, ensuring that the foxes receive the best possible care. For many of these foxes, the sanctuary is their last hope, offering them a chance at a better life.

Among the many foxes that have found a home at Save A Fox Rescue is a particularly charming individual named Finnegan. Finnegan is known for his unique and heartwarming way of showing his affection for his human mom. His playful antics and endearing behavior have made him a favorite among the sanctuary’s visitors.

One of Finnegan’s most delightful habits is his method of inviting his mom to play. To get her attention, Finnegan will pop his head up at the window, his bright eyes sparkling with mischief and excitement. This playful gesture is his way of saying hello and asking her to come outside to join him. It’s a routine that never fails to bring a smile to his mom’s face.

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Once his mom notices Finnegan’s eager face at the window, she knows that playtime is on the agenda. She heads to the door, where Finnegan waits with bated breath. As soon as she steps outside, Finnegan’s joy is palpable. He starts to giggle with excitement, a sound that is both infectious and heartwarming. His mom bends down to shower him with love and affection, and Finnegan’s face lights up with pure happiness.

Finnegan’s giggles continue as his mom pets his head and gives him the attention he craves. At one point, he even seems to ask if he can come inside with her. However, his mom gently reminds him of why he’s outside, saying, “I’d let you inside, but you’d just pee everywhere… yeah, the first thing you’d do is you would go on my bed and you’d pee on my pillows!” Despite her playful scolding, it’s clear that their bond is strong and filled with love.

Finnegan is not alone in his outdoor adventures. He shares the space with another rescued fox named Dixie. Together, they enjoy the attention and care provided by the sanctuary’s staff. Finnegan’s mom continues to groom him, carefully picking icicles off his fur. This nurturing behavior mimics what his mate would do for him in the wild, reinforcing the strong familial bonds that are so important to these animals.

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As the cold starts to take its toll, Finnegan can sense that his mom is getting ready to head back inside. Not wanting their time together to end, he gently rests his paw on her arm, as if to ask her to stay a little longer. She reassures him of her love, but explains that she’s getting cold and needs to go indoors. When she finally does go inside, Finnegan follows closely behind her, scratching at the door once she’s in. He then pops up at the window again, checking in on her and saying hello once more.

Caring for these charming and giggly foxes is a labor of love that requires dedication and hard work. Adult foxes at the sanctuary need a specialized diet to stay healthy. They require a grain-free diet, raw meat, and their favorite fruits and vegetables both morning and night. Additionally, they need ample time to play and exercise each day to stay happy and healthy.

Save A Fox Rescue is a testament to the compassion and dedication of its founders and staff. Through their efforts, foxes like Finnegan and Dixie are given a second chance at life, filled with love, care, and plenty of playtime. The sanctuary serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting and caring for our wildlife, ensuring that these enchanting creatures have a safe and loving place to call home.

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