Flying Fox Clings to Water Tap, Unsure of What to Do

Flying Fox Clings to Water Tap, Unsure of What to Do Next

This month, something tough happened to Narelle, a grey-headed flying fox in Australia. She accidentally hit a dark concrete wall while flying and got hurt. Unable to fly well, she ended up hanging on a water tap, waiting for help.

Local animal lovers heard about her trouble and sent help quickly. A rescuer from WIRES Wildlife Rescue, named Inga, came to help. She carefully took Narelle off the tap and took her to a special animal hospital. The doctors checked her and found she wasn’t badly hurt, so they sent her to Sydney Wildlife Rescue for some rest and recovery.

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Now, Narelle is getting better and making friends with two other bats who had their own tough times. “[She] is doing well, although she still has a bit of a sore head from flying into the wall,” a person from Sydney Wildlife Rescue said. “She is eating well and has the company of two other grey-headed flying foxes, who are also recovering from their respective ordeals.”

Narelle will stay at the rescue until she’s strong enough to move to a bigger cage where she can fly around more. After winter, when it’s warmer and there’s more food, she and her new friends will go back to the wild.

Image Source Credit via Facebook

“It has become quite cold here in Sydney, so they will stay in care until it warms up again and there is more food around,” the rescue person added.

The rescue team also reminds everyone that if you see a bat alone or out in the daytime, don’t touch it. Call local wildlife experts because they know how to help safely. Thanks to the quick help from animal lovers, Narelle and other animals like her can keep living their best lives in the wild.

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