Family’s Security Camera Captures Deceased Dog’s Spirit
Stopping By For A Visit

Family’s Security Camera Captures Deceased Dog’s Spirit Stopping By For A Visit

Even when you lose a dog, they never really leave you. We keep our beloved dogs in our hearts forever and bring them to life again through memory and everlasting love.

This is a story about a sweet Golden Retriever named Kujo, a family dog loved by many. Kujo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 23, 2018, according to a now viral TikTok video about her. The video is more than just your average tribute, however.


“The family had a visitor.”

After she passed, Kujo was cremated. Her ashes currently reside in the family home. That’s what makes this next part so freaky.

The TikTok video starts by introducing Kujo, describing what kind of dog she was and how her family loved her. It then cuts to a Ring home security video from June 5, 2022 (3 years after Kujo’s death).

“…on the 5th of June 2022 something amazing happened! The family had a visitor…” a caption on the footage reads.


In the first second or two you can see someone going out the house’s front door. For whatever reason, they leave the door ajar when they exit.

Then, a fluffy-looking whitish blur moves across the screen towards the open door, almost like it’s floating. It looks like a ghost dog, trotting through the room. Could it be… the spirit of the late Kujo?


No matter how many times you replay the video, it really looks like a shadowy dog is following the person out the door. See the video for yourself below:

Kujo Watches Over Her Family From Doggy Heaven

Some will say it’s a glitch or a reflection, but plenty out there believe that the blur on screen is Kujo’s spirit. Even though it’s generally freaky to see someone return from beyond the grave, the video puts a positive spin on the eerie apparition.

A caption reads:

“We love and miss you Kujo. Thanks for watching over us from doggy heaven.”


Commenters on TikTok also felt comforted by the appearance of what seems to be Kujo’s ghost. Others admitted to feeling crushed by the footage.

“That’s so awesome!! So sorry for your loss but it looks like [s]he’s still around you.” – @caesarkane13

This made me break down. I thought I heard my Buddy’s steps one night, I know it was him visiting us.” -@ierikalorraine

Omg this broke my heart. You wonderful angel you came back to your family.” – @kimberlyhartmorgan

Whether you think the footage is heartwarming or a hoax, we can all understand why a family continues to feel their dog’s presence even after she’s gone.

Featured Image: TikTok

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