Family’s Deaf Dog Persistently Stared At Broken Down Truck
In Driveway

Family’s Deaf Dog Persistently Stared At Broken Down Truck In Driveway

When Evie, a deaf Pit Bull, incessantly stared at a broken-down truck, her owner, Allison Thomison, initially didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Living on a 300-acre farm in rural Arizona, encountering wild animals like rattlesnakes or Gila monsters was common for Evie. Thomison didn’t need to get too close to the truck to discover the focus of Evie’s attention. Inside the truck’s grill was a small cat, and to Thomison’s astonishment, she recognized him immediately. A few weeks prior, Thomison had seen this same kitten following her cat, Noodle, who looked remarkably similar to the kitten.


Although Noodle was a neutered male, Thomison pondered if their resemblance was mere coincidence or if they were actually related. She decided to name the kitten Mini-Me. Just as mysteriously as Mini-Me had appeared, he vanished, only for Evie to later reveal his hiding spot within the truck. He was situated where the headlights would go, with his cute face peeking out of the hole. With the truck’s motor removed for repairs, there was ample space for a kitten to settle in comfortably. Extracting Mini-Me proved challenging, as he was quite wary of Thomison and seemed determined to stay put.


“He was very spicy … Then he suddenly realized that we were there to help him and we weren’t going to hurt him, so he came out,” Thomison explained to The Dodo. Mini-Me is now a permanent resident on the farm, where, according to Thomison, he enjoys a bit of mischief. Fortunately, Mini-Me gets along well with Thomison’s other three cats. She humorously credits Evie’s discovery of Mini-Me in the truck as the serendipitous event that led to adopting another cat. However, despite Evie’s role in finding him, Mini-Me isn’t too fond of her.


“He swipes at Evie every chance he gets,” Thomison noted. Now part of a caring home, Mini-Me has all his needs met, including a designated corner in an air-conditioned barn. Nonetheless, true to his feline nature, Mini-Me prefers to set his own rules. “He prefers his truck. He’s kind of like Oscar the Grouch [with] his little trash can … he just loves being in there,” Thomison concluded. Experience Mini-Me’s discovery by watching the TikTok video below.

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