Family Visits Shy Shelter Dog 15 Times to Build Trust and
Help Her Find a Home

Family Visits Shy Shelter Dog 15 Times to Build Trust and Help Her Find a Home

While all dogs in shelters hope to find their forever families, those that are more reserved and timid often wait the longest. Many potential adopters might be reluctant to approach these shy animals, needing more encouragement to see past their initial fears.

In an inspiring example of dedication, one family stood out by making multiple visits to the SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh, North Carolina, determined to connect with Champagne, the shelter’s longest-standing resident. Described by the shelter as experiencing “stranger danger” and being a “scared girl,” Champagne had a hard time warming up to new people.

“Champagne shouldn’t still be here! We can’t get enough of this girl. 4-year-old Champagne can usually be found belly…” highlighted the shelter in a Facebook post.

Champagne, known for her lively ‘zoomies’ and affectionate nature, had been overlooked by many due to her need for a patient and understanding family. Samantha Ranlet from the SPCA shared with McClatchy News, “She’s notorious for her hilarious facial expressions, her ‘zoomies’ where she runs around the play yard so fast that her front half can’t seem to keep up with her back, and her love of cuddling and belly rubs.”

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This particular family realized that Champagne required more attention and patience than other dogs. Their commitment to understanding her needs led to numerous visits, through which they gradually gained her trust.

“The shelter says that the family continued to visit Champagne 15 times. Slowly but surely, they earned her trust, strengthening their newfound friendship and building true trust with this quirky, wonderful, nervous, loving goofball of a dog,” the SPCA explained.

The story culminates with Champagne finally feeling at home enough to be adopted by her new family. The SPCA documented the heartwarming adoption day: “There were tears, more tears, celebrations, posters, paw prints, and LOTS of pictures,” they enthusiastically shared.

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The shelter expressed profound gratitude for the family’s efforts: “We are beyond grateful for Champagne’s new family with all of their patience, dedication, and open hearts. Champagne will love you until the ends of the Earth — thank you for giving this special girl a chance.”

This goes to show the transformative power of kindness and commitment in helping a shy dog transition from a prolonged shelter stay to a loving home environment.

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