Family Promised To Pick Up Their Lost Dog From Shelter But
Never Did

Family Promised To Pick Up Their Lost Dog From Shelter But Never Did

A dog named Lindsy approached the doors of a shelter, perhaps expecting only a brief stay until her family reclaimed her. However, fate had a different plan. Instead of a quick reunion as a “lost and found” case, Lindsy, a Pittie girl, began what would become the longest, most grueling journey of her life. In 2016, Lindsy was picked up as a lost dog by animal control and brought to Babylon Animal Shelter in New York. By then, she was already six years old and had been with a family for years. A few weeks after her arrival, a child from her family called the shelter, claiming Lindsy but mentioning she needed to check with her father about retrieving her, recalled Kristin Siarkowicz, a staff member at the shelter.

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Unfortunately, days, then weeks and months passed without further word from the family. They never returned nor called back to explain their absence. It was apparent that Lindsy had been abandoned, but the shelter staff remained hopeful. Lindsy was an incredible dog with a lovely personality, and they were confident she would quickly find a new home. Lindsy was exceptionally friendly, gentle, and affectionate—the perfect companion.

The shelter staff described her on Facebook: “Lindsy wants to be with you, she wants to be where you are, and she wants to participate in what you are doing. Lindsy would make a great forever friend for someone who wants to go on leisurely walks and have a companion to sit and watch TV with. A low maintenance kind of dog is what Lindsy is, and she would love to have a new place to call home.”

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Despite her qualities, there were no applications or potential adopters interested in Lindsy. It was unclear whether her breed’s reputation or her advancing age deterred adopters. As the days turned into years, Lindsy continued to wait in her kennel, never losing hope. Then, in March 2019, nearly three years later, her moment finally arrived.

“It has finally happened….. Lindsy has left the building,” the shelter announced on Facebook. While she didn’t go directly to a permanent home, Noel’s Dream Bully Rescue from Waltham, Massachusetts, stepped in to assist. They welcomed her into their program, where she became one of the longest residents to transition from shelter life back to a home environment—a transition she managed superbly. The rescue group was finally able to find Lindsy a foster-to-adopt home with a wonderful family.

Eventually, Lindsy settled into her forever home, where her joyful, tail-wagging spirit thrived despite her senior status. In December 2019, BAS shared a photo of Lindsy napping under a cozy blanket on Christmas morning. “Who remembers Lindsy? We got this great photo of Lindsy on Christmas morning. What a life,” they posted. Her journey was a long one, but ultimately, Lindsy found the loving home she was destined for, surrounded by people who cherish her for who she is.

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