Driver Rescues Dog in Distress Running Through Hectic

Driver Rescues Dog in Distress Running Through Hectic Traffic

One morning in Miami, a driver on his way to work stopped his car when he saw a dog running through heavy traffic. The dog, later named Olivia, was trying to get help from the people in their cars, but no one was stopping. Seeing this, the driver didn’t hesitate to help the desperate dog.

After rescuing Olivia, he took her to the Miami-Dade Animal Services, where Rosa Fond, who runs a volunteer animal rescue group, saw her story and felt compelled to help.

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“We don’t know how long she waited out there to be rescued. A defenseless dog who doesn’t speak our language and asks for help the only way she knows how: by stepping on cars,” said Rosa Fond.

Fond quickly put together a plan to help Olivia. A member of her team went to the shelter to see Olivia and sent Fond a photo of her. The picture, showing Olivia looking sad with her tongue out, really touched Fond and spurred them into action.

The very next day, Olivia was placed in a foster home where she could be safe and receive care. That night, she slept in a warm bed for the first time in a long time.

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Olivia soon began to show her happy and playful side in her foster home. She loved to interact with her foster family, watch TV, and play with her foster siblings.

Olivia’s story is a reminder of the importance of not ignoring animals in need. With all the love and care she is now receiving, she is on her way to finding a forever home. Thanks to the driver who stopped to help her, Olivia’s life has been saved and changed for the better.

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