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Dreaming of Chaos in Full Color: What Happens When Manic Sleeps

Hi, I’m Allison. Read my introduction to learn more about me and my three mixed-breed dogs from Thailand, Jelly, Lorraina, and Manic.

Some people have vivid dreams full of memories, while others’ minds conjure up impossible scenarios involving people they have never met or might not even exist. And some people’s dreams slip from their mental grasp the moment they open their eyes.

But have you ever wondered what happens when dogs dream? Do their minds replay the details of the day? Do they dream about their human companions or other dogs? Do they even remember people (and animals) from their past?

Manic—who earned his name for a reason—lives his waking life in a whirlwind of chaos, so I can only imagine his dreams are equally chaotic, full of color, and, hopefully, joyful.

A Day in Manic’s Life

Manic plans his day based on the weather. In the summer, as soon as it is sunny enough, he spends most of his time outside. He naps in the sun, chases squirrels up trees, steals bits of rope and wood from the workshop, digs holes, or just stares at the wonderful world around him.

Manic sitting outside
Manic sitting outside

If it is snowy in the winter, he will romp around in the snow, his reddish-brown coat becoming dotted with snowflakes. Despite the sub-zero temperature, the sensation of snow crunching under his pads pushed him to explore the winter wonderland.

But when it rains, Manic stays in bed all day. I have to push him to go outside to relieve himself. And if it thunders, Manic hides in the laundry room or the shower stall. Despite his normal, fearless disposition, the sound of thunder shakes him to his core.

What Does He Dream About?

Manic sleeps primarily in our bed, so I usually notice when he dreams. When he dreams, his paws flutter as if he is trying to tiptoe across the ocean’s surface. Most people would think their dogs dream of running or chasing after things. I can only imagine what Manic must be chasing. It could be the dozens of chipmunks who dive into their burrows at the sight of him bounding toward them. But it could also be the squirrels who avoid him by leaping to the trees and seeking refuge on branches 20 feet above Manic’s head.

Sometimes, though, he makes small whimpers when he sleeps. He takes a deep breath and lets it out with such force he makes a high-pitched sound. When he does this, I think he might be dreaming of his life back in Thailand. He had friends with other dogs in the area, dogs closer to his own age. In the evenings, he would trot up the hill to see them. He was closest to a plump white dog named Kai. They played like brothers but fought like brothers, too.

Manic Dreaming

But despite their minor skirmishes, they would bond by nibbling behind each other’s ears. When Manic would return home in the evening, his ears would be crinkled and crusty with Kai’s spit. But he always looked so happy.

I wonder if he dreams about Kai. He has been in the USA for over two years now, so I wonder if he even remembers Kai. Part of me wishes he didn’t remember because I don’t want him to be sad that he will never see his friend again. But in a way, I wished that in his dreams, he and Kai would chase each other through the jungle as the sun set into night.

Dream Away, My Special Little Guy

I hope that in your dreams, you do catch those chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits that you get so close to; however, instead of treating those animals as prey, you all are merely playing a lively game of tag. If you dream about your first home in Thailand, I hope your mind is filled with the jungle smells, memories of all the people who petted you, and the feeling of love from Kai and all the other neighborhood dogs. And I hope you dream about me.

Whatever you dream about, Manic, I hope it brings you nothing but joy.

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