Dog With Head In Jar Comes To The ‘Right Place,’ But They
Can’t Pry It Off

Dog With Head In Jar Comes To The ‘Right Place,’ But They Can’t Pry It Off

Dogs can often find themselves in unusual situations while chasing after a tasty snack. This was the case for a Great Pyrenees puppy who ended up with his head stuck inside a pretzel container. In need of assistance, he wandered onto a neighboring farm, seeking help from the compassionate landowners. Despite his predicament, the puppy maintained a cheerful demeanor, his smile visible through the clear plastic container on his head. Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate known for promoting the adoption of homeless dogs, happened to be the one the neighbor approached for help.


Kanaka was performing his morning farm duties when the white, fluffy dog ran up to him with a large bottle over his head. “He seems pretty happy for having a bottle stuck on his head,” Kanaka observed, noting the dog’s surprisingly cheerful behavior. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, he knew immediate action was necessary to keep the dog calm and safe. A helpful neighbor came quickly, bringing scissors while Kanaka made sure the dog didn’t escape.


The scissors were too blunt to cut through the bottle, so they switched to heavy-duty clippers. Carefully, they cut the container, cautious not to injure the dog. “My heart raced as I made cut after cut, this curious canine having really jammed himself in there good,” Kanaka recounted.

Eventually, they managed to remove the container and the puppy was freed, greeting them with a joyful smile. Fortunately, the puppy wore a collar with a name tag, allowing them to contact his family. However, the family did not respond to their messages, so they decided to check with the neighboring ranchers, guessing he might belong to them. Indeed, the puppy, named Puppaluffagus, belonged to them. The owners were overjoyed to have their puppy back safe and sound.


“As I watched the happy reunion, I felt that same warm glow I get anytime I can lend a hand (or clippers) to an animal in need. While Puppaluffagus’s pretzel predicament was certainly a silly one, it was also a reminder to keep your eyes and heart open. You never know when a furry friend might require your assistance,” Kanaka reflected. Fortunately, he was in the right place at the right time to rescue Puppaluffagus from his pretzel predicament.

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