Dog Who ‘Dislikes’ Baths Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Home to
Bathe with Kids Every Night

Dog Who ‘Dislikes’ Baths Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Home to Bathe with Kids Every Night

A famous saying goes, “Friendship knows no boundaries.” This holds true not just for humans but for our furry friends as well. When two dogs become friends, it’s a heartwarming sight. No matter their breed or size, like a big Great Dane and a tiny toy poodle, or two playful labs or huskies, their friendship is clear. They wrestle, chase each other happily, and share a rope toy in a fun game of tug-of-war. After all this play, they love to nap together.

This story is about Aeida, a beautiful black Staffordshire bull terrier. She loves her human family, but she adores her neighbor dog, Cashew. Even though Aeida is smaller and more athletic, they are best friends. They miss each other every day when they’re apart and feel sad when they can’t play together.

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To help these two friends, their families came up with a smart idea. They put a doggy door in the wooden fence between their homes in Melbourne, Australia. This way, Aeida and Cashew could visit each other whenever they wanted, without needing their owners to arrange playdates.

Aeida loves being social, especially with Cashew’s young human siblings. One day, when Aeida’s parents couldn’t find her, they thought she was with Cashew. But she was actually doing something funny. To everyone’s surprise, Aeida was in the neighbors’ bathtub with their kids.

Nicole Ackehurst, Aeida’s mom, told The Dodo that they were surprised by her antics, as were the neighbors. “Aeida is very friendly and loving. She really just loves everyone and anything — especially our neighbors’ children. Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aeida sitting in their bathtub,” Nicole said. What made this even funnier was that Aeida usually hated baths. But with her little human friends, she enjoyed it so much that she started joining them in the tub regularly, turning it into a special routine.

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The neighbors loved Aeida’s visits during bath time and welcomed her as part of their family. The happiness she brought was priceless. The two families and their dogs became so close that they thought of each other’s pets as their own. Cashew enjoyed Aeida’s playful behavior too. “She will join them at bathtime at every chance she gets. I’m pretty sure our neighbors love having her over, just as we love having Cashew come over, too. Aeida and Cashew are great friends and have such a strong bond. They’re both considered great parts of our families,” Nicole added.

Aeida loved bath time with her little human friends so much that she would even jump into an empty bathtub, hoping someone would fill it up and join her. Her funny actions brought joy to both families and showed the special bonds that can form between people and their pets.

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