Dog Won’t Leave Hospital Without Dad, Doors Swing Open And
He Lifts His Head

Dog ‘Unites’ With Dad After Hospital Stay But It’s Not The Man He Knows

Dogs fill our lives with love. It’s a simple sentiment but so accurate. When we are having a good day, they rejoice with us. If we are feeling down, they are there to lift our spirits. Dogs make everything better. Canines are best known for their loyalty, and this story focuses on their unwavering commitment to their families. We meet an older gentleman and his dog who are inseparable. They spend all their time together, including going on walks through town and meeting up with friends. Where there’s one, there’s the other.


The dog in the video below exemplifies a dog’s commitment to their owner. We watch as they wake up early one morning and walk to town. The gentleman meets up with some friends to eat, and the dog waits right outside, peering through the window with a smile. Next, it’s time to go to the market. Again, the dog happily waits for his dad. After a full day of errands, they head back home.


Once home, they sit together and watch TV. The dog sits at attention when his dad puts his hand to his head and winces. Something is wrong and the gentleman calls for help. An ambulance arrives and the paramedics take the gentleman to the hospital. His dog chases the ambulance all the way there. Once they arrive and the man is taken inside, the dog tries to go in too. The staff shoos him away and close the doors.


Undeterred, the dog waits. He waits and waits, yearning to reunite with his dad. He refuses to leave the hospital grounds until he sees his owner. After a couple of days, the door opens and the dog goes running towards it. This is when the most unexpected occurs. It is so moving and heartwarming, we will be surprised if you don’t shed a tear or two. This, folks, is what dogs were made for. They were made for love. Their hearts are tethered to ours.


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