Dog Runs Down Moving Ambulance When They Drove Off With His

Dog Runs Down Moving Ambulance When They Drove Off With His Owner

With our dogs by our side, we can move mountains! Being ‘owned by a dog’ lengthens one’s life span and improves one’s health. According to the American Heart Association, studies have found that, overall, dog owners tend to live longer than non-owners. And they often recover better from major health events such as a heart attack or stroke, especially if they live alone. The study goes on to say that interacting with dogs can boost your production of “happy hormones” such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. This can lead to a greater sense of well-being and help lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And having a dog can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, ease depression and improve fitness.


In this story, and video posted below, we meet a dog who loves his dad so much. His owner had a health scare and an ambulance came to transport him to the hospital. The dog immediately hopped into the back of the vehicle to be with Dad. However, safety and health regulations do not allow pets onboard, so the paramedics had to escort him off the truck. The dog did not agree with their decision. In fact, he was so strongly against it that he ‘argued’ this rule by refusing to leave his dad behind.


The dog chased the vehicle while incessantly barking. He was smart enough to run to the driver’s window and bark some more. They still didn’t allow him back in. But then, he put his own life at risk to get his point across. While the ambulance drove away, the dog ran in front of it. His message was clear: You are not leaving without me!


The paramedics had no other choice but to give in and allow the dog to join his father. The YouTube short, which is only 34 seconds long, is proof that our pups will NEVER leave us behind. Hey! Who’s cutting onions in here?!

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