Dog Put On Last Call List When Owner Became Pregnant
& Didn’t Trust Her Breed

Dog Put On Last Call List When Owner Became Pregnant & Didn’t Trust Her Breed

When Shelly, a sweet and loving Pit Bull, was relinquished to a shelter due to her family expecting a baby, she was left feeling abandoned, disheartened, and betrayed. Given the challenges that Pit Bulls face in finding new homes, it wasn’t long before Shelly was placed on the euthanasia list just three weeks after her arrival at the shelter. Just as Shelly had lost all hope of ever finding a forever home, her fate took a dramatic turn. Lacey, a dedicated volunteer at the shelter, learned about Shelly’s imminent euthanasia scheduled for the following morning and immediately decided to intervene.


“Unfortunately there are so many Pit breeds in the shelter that are in perfectly healthy condition that get overlooked,” Lacey explained to Newsweek. Motivated by her belief in Shelly’s potential to bring joy to a family, Lacey welcomed her into her home, initially as a foster. Lacey’s belief in Shelly was soon validated, though not in the way she initially anticipated when she began fostering. “We wanted to foster because I knew she could find a good home if she was just given more time,” Lacey reflected.


The situation evolved when Shelly formed an instant bond with another new dog in Lacey’s care. Observing their connection and how well both dogs interacted with people and other dogs, Lacey decided it was best for everyone to keep them together. Shelly quickly became an integral part of her new family, cherished for her true self. She relishes her days filled with engaging playdates, loving interactions, and exciting adventures, living the idyllic life every dog dreams of. Shelly’s story is a joyful testament to the power of giving a second chance.


However, the reality that Shelly’s predicament stemmed from breed-based stigma is a poignant reminder of the broader challenges Pit Bulls face. Many people still hold onto stereotypes that unfairly judge this breed. It is crucial to challenge these misconceptions and spread the word about the loving nature of Pit Bulls to ensure more dogs like Shelly find their forever homes.

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