Dog Nervously Wedged Between Walls, Made Herself As Small As
She Could

Dog Nervously Wedged Between Walls, Made Herself As Small As She Could

Kita, a little puppy, spent weeks alone on a vast property, drenched and trembling with fear. She distrusted people, making rescue challenging. But with hope and determination, Kita was finally lured into a humane trap and taken to a foster home. The dog’s fear of humans was palpable. Her foster mom and husband found her huddled in a corner, staring blankly at the wall, a sight that shattered their hearts. “We got you, okay?” they reassured her. That night, Kita was visibly overwhelmed by her new surroundings. She curled up into the smallest ball she could and lay in between two walls, a clear sign of her deep-seated fears and trauma.


Despite being indoors, she remained terrified. When she was let out in the yard, she froze as if the open space reminded her of her past abandonment. Initially, Kita avoided eye contact, too scared to connect. However, a breakthrough came when one of her rescuers, a kind woman, gently lifted her onto the couch. Within a few days, she jumped up there on her own and contently lay next to her. Overcome with emotion, her foster mom wept, touched by this simple act of trust. “This is the first time she’s ever laid next to me,” she reflected, marking a significant moment in Kita’s recovery.


During their time alone, Kita showed an endearing quirk; she collected their clothing and other personal items, dragging them onto the couch to feel closer to her foster family when they weren’t home. This behavior highlighted her growing attachment and need for security, manifesting in her surrounding herself with their scent.

Her confidence slowly started to rebuild. She hesitantly climbed the stairs for the first time, her steps uncertain but determined. “Good girl, you made it,” her foster mom cheered, proud of her progress. Transitioning from the scared puppy who couldn’t bear to be outside, Kita began to seek and accept affection, a transformation that was nothing short of miraculous.


After nearly two weeks with her fosters, Kita found her forever home with a family who felt an immediate connection to her through her pictures. “We knew at that point that we would be adopting her,” they said in the video below, committed to giving her the loving home she deserved.

Adapting to her new environment came with challenges. Kita was initially very shy, hiding frequently and showing reluctance to be touched or to go outside. Her new siblings played a crucial role in her adjustment, leading by example during walks and encouraging her to explore and relax. Now, Kita revels in her outdoor adventures. She has become affectionate and comfortable, fully trusting her new family. Her personality continues to unfold, revealing new layers that endear her further to her family.

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