Dog Left Alone In Apartment Clings To Toy For

Dog Left Alone In Apartment Clings To Toy For Comfort

A sweet, innocent Pit Bull named Daenerys had a rough start in life. While she should have been cherished and spoiled, she instead faced an unthinkable fate. Her owner moved away, leaving her behind. He didn’t bring her to a friend or family member or surrender her to a shelter. He callously left her inside the apartment they had shared without food or water. The dog waited for someone to help her. Amidst her own waste, Daenerys withered away to a shadow of her former self.


Daenerys was on the brink of starvation when a miraculous intervention saved her life. A handyman, visiting an apartment to install a new lock for incoming tenants, stumbled upon her in a dire state. The situation was critical; had he not entered the apartment that day, she might not have survived. Recognizing the urgency, he quickly contacted his close friend Tara, who hurried to the scene. Although Daenerys was alert and could sit up, she was too weak to walk and her body was emaciated, resembling a skeleton. The scene was profoundly distressing.


Tara, seasoned in fostering animals from difficult backgrounds, took Daenerys under her care. With a challenging recovery ahead, Daenerys needed to rebuild her strength. It took five days before she could walk again. When she took her first steps, Tara celebrated the milestone with a round of applause. Daenerys was gradually regaining her health, a journey made possible by Tara’s dedication, love, and encouragement. The Pit Bull’s remarkable progress was significantly influenced by the bond she formed with Tara. Despite her past hardships, Daenerys placed her trust in Tara and the other kind humans she encountered on her path to recovery.


Although still underweight, Daenerys showed significant improvement. To keep warm, she was dressed in adorable pajamas. Soon, Tara made a delightful discovery—Daenerys adored plush toys. She simply couldn’t get enough of them! In a video, Tara shared that the Pittie always had a collection of at least 100 plush toys. Daenerys enjoyed diving her nose into the heap of toys, carefully selecting the one that caught her fancy at any given time.

Daenerys became so fond of her stuffed toys that she took one with her everywhere she went. The story of this miraculous dog continues to inspire. We are profoundly thankful for her remarkable rescue and the second chance at life she has been given. To meet Daenerys and see her amazing transformation, click play on the video below.

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