Cockatoo ‘Refuses’ To Go To Her Cage, Throws Hilarious
‘Temper Tantrum’

Cockatoo ‘Refuses’ To Go To Her Cage, Throws Hilarious ‘Temper Tantrum’

Sometimes, especially when they don’t listen, kids can be a handful. It’s not uncommon for youngsters to have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. But this temper tantrum is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. That’s because it isn’t a kid; rather, it’s a Cockatoo!

Pebble the Cockatoo does not want to go back into her cage; she would rather explore. This amusing video captured Pebble’s playful yet naughty side, as she has a tantrum when being told ‘no.’

The video starts with Pebble perched on a countertop, her eyes gleaming with mischief. Her owner gently instructs her to go back to her cage, but Pebble isn’t having any of it. She immediately begins to squawk loudly, flapping her wings in defiance. Her vocal protests are filled with what sounds like a string of angry exclamations, making it clear she is not pleased with the idea of returning to her cage.

Pebble’s feathers ruffle as she paces back and forth, clearly expressing her displeasure. Her owner tries to coax her with treats and gentle words, but Pebble is determined to assert her independence. The Cockatoo’s tantrum escalates, with her squawks becoming more animated and her movements more exaggerated. It’s almost as if she’s throwing a toddler-style fit, complete with all the drama and flair.

Despite the chaos, the interaction remains light-hearted and humorous. Pebble’s owner maintains a calm demeanor, patiently repeating the request for her to go back into her cage. The contrast between the owner’s calm persistence and Pebble’s theatrical display creates a hilarious and endearing scene.

As the video progresses, it’s clear that Pebble’s tantrum is more performance than genuine distress. Her expressive behavior and vocalizations are a testament to the intelligence and personality of Cockatoos. She eventually relents, but not without one last squawk of defiance, and steps back into her cage, albeit begrudgingly.

The video ends with Pebble settling down, her moment of rebellion over. Her owner rewards her with a treat and a gentle pat, showing that even in the face of a feathery tantrum, patience and kindness prevail.

Pebble’s amusing tantrum has delighted viewers, showcasing the charming and sometimes challenging personalities of pet birds. It’s a reminder that, much like children, pets can have strong wills and expressive ways of communicating their desires. Pebble’s antics bring joy and laughter, highlighting the special bond between pets and their owners, even when things don’t go exactly as planned.

mage/Story Video Source Credit: MegaBirdCrazy Channel via YouTube Video

She talks endlessly to her human dad, who repeatedly tells her to come closer. Some of what she says is inaudible, but a few curse words are distinct.

At 2:43 into the video, Pebble’s father asks if she has an attitude; conforming to his request, Pebble answers “Ya, that’s right!” It’s evident that this feisty bird won’t sugarcoat how she feels and takes no orders from anyone willingly.

Image/Story Video Source Credit: MegaBirdCrazy Channel via YouTube Video

Sadly, Pebble has gone from home to home in the past 20 years, but she’s finally with a loving family who takes great care of her. She may get moody sometimes, but she’s a great bird!

Image/Story Video Source Credit: MegaBirdCrazy Channel via YouTube Video

Cockatoos are part of the Parrot family and they share the talent for imitating sounds, including speech. Some Parrots, such as the African Grey Parrot imitate human speech perfectly, but Cockatoos are not quite as good at it. They can mimic words and sounds but their accuracy is limited which can make it hard to understand what Pebble is saying sometimes.

Click to watch what Pebbles has to say in the video below – enjoy!

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