Bark Air Takes Off: New Airline Offers Luxurious Sky-High
Journeys for Dogs and Their Owners

Bark Air Takes Off: New Airline Offers Luxurious Sky-High Journeys for Dogs and Their Owners

Bark, the company known for its popular online store for dog products, is launching an innovative service: Bark Air. This new airline is designed especially for dogs and their owners. No longer will pets have to endure the discomfort of flying in a cargo hold or sneak through security checkpoints. Instead, they can now enjoy a movie alongside their owners, sharing earbuds and possibly even disputing over the armrest!

Bark Air will commence its services with flights on a chartered Gulfstream G5, ensuring a comfortable and exclusive atmosphere. The aircraft has a capacity of 15 seats, but to enhance safety and comfort, Bark Air will limit sales to 10 tickets per flight. Each ticket covers a human and their dog, with additional tickets for other humans available at an extra charge.

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Initially, flights will operate between New York, Los Angeles, and London. However, Bark Air is open to suggestions for new routes from customers, which can be submitted on their website. This flexibility aims to expand their services based on where customers want to go. Already, the company has received over 15,000 suggestions for new destinations.

Upon arriving at the airport, Bark Air’s team of concierges will assist passengers through registration and security. They’ll provide everything needed for a comfortable flight, including treats, leashes, and poop bags. The airplane cabin will be prepared with calming pheromones, relaxing music, and lavender-scented towels. Additionally, to prevent ear discomfort from pressure changes, dogs will be offered their favorite drink during takeoff and landing.

Bark Air welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. Before boarding, concierges will discuss each dog’s temperament with their owners to ensure a smooth travel experience. This includes arranging seating in designated areas for shyer dogs or matching seat neighbors based on behavior and preferences.

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For domestic flights between New York and Los Angeles, the ticket price is $6000, which includes one human and their dog. For international flights between New York and London, the cost increases to $8000. While these prices are high, Bark Air aims to reduce them significantly as they expand and streamline their operations.

Bark Air operates with the core belief that “no dog should fly in a crate.” To emphasize the discomfort of crate travel, Bark Air’s CEO, Matt Meeker, subjected himself to flying in a crate for nearly three and a half hours. This demonstration underlines the airline’s commitment to providing a humane and comfortable travel experience for pets.

Please note that children under the age of 18 are not allowed on Bark Air flights. This policy ensures a peaceful and disturbance-free environment for all passengers.

Bark Air offers a unique, luxury flying experience for dogs and their owners, setting a new standard for pet-friendly travel. With exclusive amenities, thoughtful accommodations for different temperaments, and a commitment to improving the flying experience for pets, Bark Air is poised to change how pets and their owners travel together.

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