Abandoned Newborn Three-Legged Puppy Found Crying and
Crawling to Find His Mom

Abandoned Newborn Three-Legged Puppy Found Crying and Crawling to Find His Mom

From the moment a puppy’s mom welcomes them into the world with her sweet kisses, the tiny fur babies depend on her love and warmth. Sadly, some puppies are deprived of their mother’s infinite love and care when their owners separate them from her embrace.

A little puppy, just a few days old, was heartlessly dumped on the side of a busy road because he was born without a leg. The fragile baby was crying as he tried to crawl on the sidewalk with his eyes still closed. He only had one wish – to find his beloved mama and curl up in her loving arms once again.

A good-hearted person driving along the busy road was shocked to see the abandoned puppy struggling to move his tiny body. The man quickly stopped his car and rushed to rescue him. Hearing the puppy’s cries for help, he felt a wave of sadness. He knew that the defenseless furball missed his mom.

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After lifting the puppy in his arms, he noticed that the baby was missing one leg. The kind-hearted human immediately took him home. Since his family dog had given birth just a few days ago, he brought the puppy to the mama dog and placed him in her arms. The mother dog accepted the baby, licked him, and started nursing him, treating him like one of her own children. The puppy stopped crying and felt safe in the mama dog’s arms.

Because the puppy couldn’t crawl, he didn’t drink as much milk as the other babies and was still hungry. His rescuer bought a carton of milk and began feeding him every two hours. The puppy started thriving, becoming much bigger and healthier.

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The caregiver felt overjoyed seeing the mama dog continue to care for the baby. He spent a lot of time with the little pup, helping him drink more milk whenever the mama dog was nursing the puppies. The puppy began to feel like a part of the family, as his doggy foster siblings accepted him too.

Two weeks later, the furball opened his eyes and saw the world around him for the first time. Wishing to explore his surroundings, he began moving with difficulty. His caregiver motivated him to crawl, always there to cheer him on and encourage him to keep trying. The baby was grateful for this support, which gave him the strength to make more effort. He started smiling more and finding joy in his everyday life.

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The sweet furball played with the other puppies, snuggling and sleeping next to them. The mama dog covered him in kisses and showered him with affection. He felt loved and accepted for who he was. Since he was only a few days old when abandoned, he doesn’t remember being rejected by his previous owner.

The pup feels carefree and enjoys his life, soaking in all the love his caregiver and dog family give him. Thanks to the kindness and compassion of his rescuer, the puppy survived and found the happiness he deserved.

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