Revolutionizing Coastal Defense, 3D-Printed Living Seawalls
with Anya Freeman of Kind Designs

Revolutionizing Coastal Defense, 3D-Printed Living Seawalls with Anya Freeman of Kind Designs

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The recent flooding in South Florida makes today’s episode of Take It To The Board particularly timely.  Anya Freeman, the visionary founder of Kind Designs, sits down with host Donna DiMaggio Berger to explain her groundbreaking approach to protecting our coastal properties and shorelines. Anya explains how her 3D-printed Living Seawalls mimic natural marine habitats like mangrove roots. Not only do these seawalls offer structural stability and cost-effectiveness, but they also enhance marine ecosystems by providing habitats for marine life and sequestering carbon. Donna and Anya discuss the materials used, the large-scale 3D printing process, and how Anya’s groundbreaking work caught the eye of entrepreneur Mark Cuban, whose investment helped scale up production and expand her team.

Donna and Anya dive into real-world applications of these living seawalls in coastal cities such as Miami and New Orleans, showcasing their adaptability and long-term benefits. They also address common concerns from homeowners’ associations about costs and permitting, illustrating how successful projects like the Jockey Club in Miami have navigated these challenges. Additionally, they discuss the aesthetic appeal of incorporating public art into seawall designs, making them not just functional but also visually captivating and compliant with city regulations. Don’t miss this episode if you’re curious about how your community can benefit from the innovation shaping the future of our coastlines and the entrepreneurial spirit propelling these advancements.

Conversation highlights include:

  • How living seawalls differ from traditional seawall designs
  • The inspiration for the Living Seawall, and challenges during development
  • How Living Seawalls benefit community associations
  • Ecological impact of Living Seawalls
  • The 3D printing process
  • Regulatory challenges associated with installing Living Seawalls
  • Advice for community association leaders considering a Living Seawall for coastal or waterfront properties

BONUS: Learn about Anya’s entrepreneurial family and why Anya is a such a big fan of the USA!

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